Knowing exactly where all that time is going makes a big difference.

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I have ADHD, which makes it exceedingly hard for me to focus on things for prolonged periods of time. At the same time, I’m someone who needs to be productive. I find no pleasure in letting a day go by without any work done. Planned breaks, yes. But hours lost…

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I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for productivity tips. I’ll read them obsessively, even when I know that they’re probably just a repetition of the same old get-up-early-exercise-meditate-journal formula. And if I can ever find some authentic way to “hack" my life into a wellspring of creative output, you bet…

“Have a schedule” isn’t one of them

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I was 25 years old when I first heard of adult ADD/ADHD. I had come across the term before in a few contexts and vaguely thought of it as something that made kids hyperactive. It was only when I started taking my own mental health seriously that I realised my…

It’s lengthy, it’s painful, and it’s immensely rewarding

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As I write this, the novel draft I began during NaNoWriMo 2018 is 90% complete. …

And no, it doesn’t involve giving your clients ‘free samples’

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The most common tip you’ll hear in the freelance writing fraternity — “guest post”.

It’s a way to get your name out there on the Internet, and it works to enhance your credibility with prospective clients you’re pitching to. …

Spoiler alert: there’s way more to it than hashtags

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I firmly believe that anyone can have an attractive Instagram feed.

Yes, even if you aren’t aiming to be an ‘influencer’.

And guess what? It’s not just about having HD photos of exotic locales.

I’d written previously about how Instagram can help you be a better writer, and one of…

It’s the other side of ‘living your creative dream’

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Anything can trigger thoughts like this.

Perhaps you’ve been having an unproductive morning (or day, or several days).

Or perhaps you read a story that’s been published in a reputed journal or that’s won some major award, and you think “I wish I could write like that” or, worse, “I…

It’s definitely not as easy as “just write.”

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As an entirely self-taught writer (read: never had education, coaching, mentorship or guidance of any kind when it came to my writing), I’ve had to rely a lot on the Internet for writing advice.

Some of it is pure gold, like Stephen King’s famous “kill your darlings”. Some of it…

Never feel guilty about your ‘lack of focus’ again

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Some of us can focus on one project at a time and get things done.

Others get bored out of their minds if they have to work on the same article for more than ten minutes at a stretch.

I’m one of the latter group, and I used to think…

Social media doesn’t have to be the devil it’s portrayed to be

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We like to vilify Instagram as a distraction.

“It’s an addiction.” “It makes you dumber.” “It’s not for serious artists.”

We’ve all had those days when we logged in just to like someone’s photo and then found ourselves stuck on the screen for two hours. …

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