I feel you! I too put a lot of random spices into my dishes, and one of my favourite recipes is macaroni with turmeric, cumin and red chilli powder. :D Maybe that’s culturally appropriating Italian food, but I don’t see why. We all have our own tastes, and we have the right to cook for ourselves and our families based on our tastes. No point serving a meal your family hates just because it is ‘authentic’ food!

I agree that preparing personalised versions of ethnic foods and selling them as authentic recipes is, definitely, cultural appropriation. Once you remove the label of authentic, though, you’re good to go. I have nothing against other countries preparing their own versions of biryani and rajma-chawal in their own restaurants as long as they don’t pass off those recipes as authentic — they’re running a business, so they have to cater to what their customers want. Heck, the Indian version of Chinese food probably has no resemblance to real Chinese food — but we like our food a certain way, so we’re gonna keep having it that way!

Have fun exploring more Indian cuisine! You’re lucky to have good spice tolerance levels, you can experience our food the authentic way! :D

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